The Kitchen! [3D]

So I am going to animate some fruit characters in a kitchen. I will be modelling the kitchen in 3D, in Maya. The whole kitchen should really feel like a normal person’s kitchen in a sort of normal house. Nothing too fancy, with all the things you would find in a kitchen normally.

What do you normally find in a kitchen? Well for my animation  there is an island or table in the middle of the room for the characters to try and escape from. I think that i would like an island in the middle of the kitchen, mainly because its literally called an island rather than just a table and the characters are stranded on it.

So my kitchen will need:

  • An island in the middle of it
  • A fridge
  • Counter tops
  • with a sink
  • Drawers and cupboards
  • Doors
  • A washing machine probably
  • Cutlery and plates
  • Salt and Pepper shakers/grinders
  • A kettle
  • Windows
  • Skylights maybe even
  • A bin
  • A fruit bowl
  • Wine glasses
  • Wine bottle
  • Dustpan and brush
  • A clock
  • A kitchen table and chairs
  • An oven and hobs
  • Pots and pans
  • Other utensils like cheese grater/whisk/wooden spoon/spatula/scissors/chopsticks…
  • Coffee/tea pots and containers for stuff
  • Cardboard box on top of kitchen cabinets
  • Lights
  • Outside stuff – like a Fence and maybe patio furniture, possibly am old rusty BBQ…
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Wall stuff: calendar/poster/pictures in frames/pin board with reminders and stuff…
  • poster of palm-tree and beach


I will have to think about everything that is in the kitchen. From the materials to the layout of everything in it and will also have to consider how the 2D characters will interact with the 3D environment. There could be 2D stuff in the scene as well as 3D and the characters could interact with both if i plan it correctly. What’s important is the characters interact with each other during the animation, and that they look natural in the 3D environment.

What kind of kitchen do i want? White cabinets and wood counters? Black cabinets and marble counters or black counters and wood cabinets? Dark wood or lighter wood, what kind of handles will it have? There’s a lot to consider and try out. I need it to look normal, not out of place or too over the top. The characters should look good in the environment – will have to think about how i would deal with slight reflections in materials… But i can probably make this as complicated or as simple as i want tbh.

I quite like the look of white cabinets with a wooden counter-top – white porcelain sink rather than metal, but metal tap – probably modern as this is turning into rather a nice kitchen instead of a very normal small one, which actually i have no problem with.

Anyway my parents just recently had the kitchen done in the house they’ve had since we moved back to England. The kitchen needed an update and the new kitchen does look great and everything, but it lacks some of the touches the old kitchen had. Like, the old kitchen had these neat brass handles on the cabinets and drawers, which were probably some cheap pot metal or something, but i felt like they added a bit of character to the room. So i’d probably like to design some handles in the same style as the ones i remember from that old kitchen. I also generally love those big oven hob combo arga however-that’s-spelled things. The big over the top ovens with at least six hobs, probably eight, and they take up loads of room and stuff. I rented in a house with one and I like them, so i’m going to have a go at modelling one for my kitchen i think, and see how that looks. A smaller thing, just hobs on the counter-top and an oven would probably work fine, but I think it could add another little bit of character to the environment. The fact that they are in a somewhat nice kitchen, next to the fact they are trapped waiting to be eaten is the whole juxtaposition thing i’m going for with that i guess.


I have an idea now of exactly what i want from the kitchen can feel i can begin modelling it in Maya.



I want to put wallpaper on these walls. I want to make my own wallpaper and then have it tiled on the walls. Something colourful and at odds to the characters who feel they are in danger. Maybe the tropical scene could be a feature wall wallpaper? A photo realistic scene or a drawn cartoon one?

Another consideration is how close are the humans? Have they gone out or are they in the other room? Can we hear them during the animation at all? Maybe we can hear a TV in the other room and the light from that TV can be seen under the door as it changes and stuff?

Actually, what time of day should i set the animation? I was always thinking during a fairly bright day, but it could be evening, night time – lighting would be very different for both of these and would have to be reflected in the 2D characters as well.


I’ve been reading about bump mapping as I’ve been modelling the kitchen, trying to find stuff to make the environment feel more real and more visually appealing.

I used this image: plastic i found from the internet for some experimenting with bump maps, by adding the image as a bump map to a material and playing around with the settings.


I want it to be fairly subtle on this material, but you can see how this would add texture to your materials in Maya, and make the objects feel a bit more real and less pristine.


As you can see the glass material i made is not really looking like the sort of glass a wine glass is made out of, and i will need to work on that to make it look right. I’ve also began putting some more finishing touches to the kitchen like the skirting boards that go around the bottom of the room.







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