Team Live Briefs – Development

My team decided to make an animation/advert for Fosse Healthcare. I had already began working on animation ideas for some of the others as well, as I thought we would come up with pitches and designs for more than one, and then decide together and work on that, but due to the time restriction, this being only a five week brief, we decided that we should just begin getting to work on one.


I really liked the idea of doing a 2D animation in this sort of style. I liked the idea of a character that was driving along and they hear sirens and flashing lights and they basically don’t do the correct thing which leads to some unfortunate ends, but then you are shown none of those things happened, reminded not to panic, and the character drives accordingly and shows the audience what they should be doing.


So he could end up going off a bridge, onto a train track and nearly getting hit, onto the pavement and nearly running some people over, into a lake, etc. It’s meant to be humorous, but also by the end shown to be serious.

The character designs are based on the simpler style characters that are more accessible to a wider audience. This is achieved with the colours of the characters and their odd shapes, and the animation style would be fairly simple as well, going from one side to the other, with few perspective shots. So maybe stuff from the side and then a POV in some circumstances.

* * * * * *

Existing Homecare advertisements

(All of these adverts are aimed at an american audience)

Angels of America

This advert runs through all the services and tries to get a  lot of information across, which makes it impersonal.

Hoem care Assistance

This advert is similar to the above, lots of information coming at the viewer quickly. They use bullet points (text on screen) to help get the information across clearly to the audience, but it just feels a lot like a bad presentation – perhaps its just the sheer amount of information they bullet point -its not a short concise version of the speech..

Caregiving: Random acts of kindness

The style of this animation is pretty cool, not too simple or complicated. There’s no shadows or shading, and it looks visually very appealing.

Caregiving and family conflict

Highlighting some issues that people may face when looking into care-giving for their family. The animation is simple and looks good. The narration is fine, not too fast and easy to follow. The bullet pointed text that appears helps the narration and doesn’t push too much information at the audience.

This animation offers people advice on how to hire a caregiver/ support worker. by the same people as the above animation the visuals are good and the supporting text is helpful. there is a lot of information but its broken up really well and easier for the audience to understand and follow. This is important as the main audience are elderly, or at least the ageing population, and so the pace and tone of the animations must appeal to them. (Of course our clients offer domiciliary care to different age groups, its clear that the majority of their clients are elderly, and that is the group that needs the most assistance).


My group have decided we want to design the characters and environments in 3D.


I really like the character designs in this animation. The environments look beautiful and full of detail, and very realistic, definitely compared to the more stylised character designs. But they compliment each other really well and make the finished product looks just incredible.

Lloyds TSB

The 3D cartoony character designs in these adverts are really cool. The adverts are bright and colourful and at the end have a brand reminder thing (can’t think of the name annoying right now..) This is important to cement who brought the advert to the audience and who they should now go and look into further – this is the same sentiment we will want to create with our animation.

The Power of Teamwork

Tagline “It’s smarter to travel in groups”

These adverts are short and sweet, to the point and also funny. They contain animal characters in situations who work together to get out of those situations.

British Gas

The 3D British Gas adverts have more realistic-looking characters. My favourite feature of these adverts is the little worlds, each house is on its own planet, furthering the idea that someones home is their own space. This is relevant as its a service where the worker will come to your home.

This one treats the British gas workers like they’re heroes, or soldiers that are going intio war for you and jumping out of helicopters to save you from whatever problem you are having. They are proactive and capable, ready to tackle anything.

So it sends some strong and positive messages out. Maybe our animation could show something similar, but i imagine that the notion of workers ready to para-sail into your home is not the kind of message Fosse would like to send – as it probably wont appeal to the target demographic…

Gaz and Leccy

This is probably an example of a style that wouldn’t work for most of the target audience, although it could be aimed at the children of the target demographic, who would be thinking about what to do now that mom and dad are getting older, or even thinking about their own future.

Either way these characters are really fun and the animation is smooth. The environments look real and fantastic. There is just enough information and then at the end how to find out more.

Animation ideas

A potential customer struggling to complete a task, and her daughter helping her to call Fosse, who is helping them to complete the initial task when the daughter comes to call the next time.

This will show partly what the service offers and is about. Although we could elaborate, but we have to strike a balance between enough information and overloading the audience with information.

Visual scenes

Older lady (mother) is outside gardening, a younger woman (her daughter) arrives. The Mother struggles to bend over properly and she holds her aching back, then she notices her daughter and smiles and they hug and go inside together – leaving the gardening stuff outside.

They sit together and use the phone and have some tea and the daughter leaves.

The daughter arrives outside her mothers house again and she is in the garden with the Fosse worker who is helping her to complete what she wants to in the garden – planting flowers and carrying heavy compost, etc.

Narration Dialogue

As we grow older we have more time to focus on the things we like.

But we also face tough choices to try and maintain our independence in our own home.

Home-care is a cost effective choice in which we help you where you want when you need it and how.

And enable you to continue to do the things you like, and enable you to focus on the things in life that matter the most.


With our idea there are a few things that we need to make.

  • The 2 environments: The outside garden and the interior living room.
  • The 3 characters: The mom, daughter and the Fosse Worker.
  • The narration must be recorded and timed correctly.
  • A title end card thing with company information and contact details – where the audience can find more information.


Fosse Healthcare. What is it?

I decided to see what i could find out about Fosse Healthcare so i went to their website! –

Fosse Healthcare provides high quality Home Care and Healthcare services to both the NHS and private sector.

I had a look at the Homecare section, because the advert is specifically for that service. (

Our Home Care services are designed to enable you continue living as independently as possible in your own home.

The whole point of the advert should probably be about getting this simple idea across to the potential service users/clients, among other information anyway.

We provide care and support to people in their own homes, this includes older people, younger adults, people who have a learning disability, sensory and/or physical disabilities, dementia, illness and end of life care.

The target demographic for our advert is basically everyone! Although the customer did state that the majority of the service users are elderly it’s important to remember they aren’t the only demographic.

Below is the Fosse logo. It will need to feature in the advert! Which reminds me that other contact information should be in the advert as well. At least the website and maybe some phone numbers as well.

Below are the contact details from the homecare part of their website.

Contact Your Local Office Today

Leicester – 0116 279 1600

North Nottingham – 01623 362 656

South Nottingham – 01623 362 656

Derby – 01332 492 026

Northamptonshire – 01604 372303

Below is picture of a Fosse Healthcare worker in their uniform, which is how the service users would recognise them, and probably how they should be represented in the animation.


The team has basically decided on a story so i’ve drawn up some storyboards to visualise the idea a little bit

Another take on the idea:

We pitched our idea and received a bit of feedback. The characters need a little bit of work, as the old woman looks a bit bald and the other character looks a little bit scary. Showing the old woman getting injured in any way is not a good idea, and however we did it, portraying the service users as incapable goes against what Fosse is all about. They want to empower people, whoever they are, in whatever way they need it. This can be anyone, with varying degrees of ability, and it’s just not necessary.

I think we can make a wholly positive advert, with the same impact. I believe if we portray the characters as happy and engaged in tasks together, with the Fosse worker helping, and the narration over the top with some nice music, that will work really well for what our clients want.

Below is just some ideas and things i was thinking about.


My idea is basically to have an establishing shot that also appears as the ending shot. This would be a house or two, depending on if the characters are neighbours or whatever. I thought that a couple of neighbours being helped by the Fosse worker at different times, showing that Fosse is a part of this community would be beneficial to the client. But it could just be one house and one person and the Fosse worker which would be fine.

So the whole advert would be showing the people with the Fosse worker all getting along doing tasks. These could be simple household tasks, carrying things when shopping, gardening, etc.  There could be a funny one or two in there, as I think the animation should be fairly light-hearted. Homecare can be a very serious thing, but Fosse is a fun, but capable and professional service.


At the end you would see the opening scene again with the characters facing the camera and waving, or just all together doing something, maybe gardening at the front and one sprays the others with the hose and they laugh. And the Fosse logo and name and contact info appears at the end as well.

I think this would be a great way of framing the advert and making a more complete story, instead of just a bunch of loose ended tasks, they are brought together by this house environment.

The 3D characters are coming along. I have to say i was reluctant to do 3D, but my team is absolutely kicking ass with creating the characters. Hopefully rigging will all go smoothly..



I want the animatic to look really good, so that the clients can get a really good feel for the animation, but also to help us with animating and keeping things organised. I think that the animatic could actually end up being a quite adorable little animation! So i started to properly finalise the designs for that, which i think have come out really nicely. sketch-1493840976569

The design is really simple, and is like a cut out style animation. The characters are mainly one colour and then a darker shade of that colour, so the features that we want to highlight are obvious. The characters are easy to identify and follow through the short animation. The backgrounds colours will be decided by how well the characters stand out from it, as its really important the audience can tell whats going on. The objects in each scene will be white with black outlines so they stand out as well. I also think it looks good stylistically!

The top left scene in the above image is almost exactly as i want it to look. Fosse a bit taller than Gina, the background looks fine and the characters stand out well *apart from the sky colour) and the proportions all look ideal. Gina appears from the right and walks across, with Fosse appearing behind and carrying the bags, both happy and getting along! Perhaps Gina could wait for Fosse and walk with him as he has lagged behind?


I wanted the Fosse character to represent the logo, or at least be inspired by it, without looking like the character is wearing a helmet! So he’s going to be the blue colour of the logo and have a shaped head which resembles the logo a bit.

Scenes to be animated for the current idea we are running with.

  • Gina outside her house – Fosse appears and they wave hello
  • Gina walking along path – Fosse appears following carrying bags.
  • Gina sitting in the garden enjoying the weather – Fosse walks across shot mowing the lawn
  • Gina and Fosse inside having tea chatting and laughing
  • Gina watching tv on sofa and Fosse is doing some ironing
  • Gina waving goodbye to Fosse outside her house, they both face camera and wave goodbye smiling – Fosse logo and contact details appear on screen

There may be more scenes that my group want to add or change but for now i can just run with this stuff and we’ll see what happens. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the 3D stuff, but it’s definitely one of the more challenging options of animation we could have chosen! Our plan is to take our ideas and talk to the client this week and hopefully the feedback from that will inform the direction we go in. Depending on what we did, the 2D animation could have more interesting transitions between scenes, maybe with the background changing as the character move into the new positions. I wonder if this will still be possible if we are trying to get 2 or 3 3D models rigged and animated to a good standard. I know it seems like I’m building a back-up plan, and i sort of am i guess. I think its very difficult for us to produce appealing 3D animation, and have characters that the client loves and everything else, but i’m regularly wrong so we’ll see i guess. I have been tasked with creating part of the 3D environments for the characters, as we need an interior and exterior as well. I haven’t done much exterior animation so it will be really interesting working out how to make the environment look textured and bushed look good and stuff like that. The great thing about 3D is that once I’ve done the environment i can give it to my group who can do any improvements or add more objects into the scene to make it look more realistic.


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