Fosse Homecare project developtations

These are some more idea’s i drew up for the animation style. I tried to use just one colour, and then interior shots would be a reverse of that colour with white, so the characters stick out more and because i thought it would be cool. It’s probably a bit much really.


The client mentioned that they didn’t want the characters to look too old, so I’ve tried to make the characters ages less obvious. The styles i’m going for are simple and the characters have very few features. The audience should be able to see them as a generic adult characters, rather than age them into a specific group.


As a team we never really had one specific vision of the animation we wanted to create, which was down to probably not communicating well enough amongst ourselves, but also because we wanted to be able to adapt. When my team wanted to do 3D it ended up creating a situation where the rigging became an issue, so I had plenty of time to try different ideas and style and see what worked best and looked good. The following idea is what I ended up going with in the end, as I think it best fulfilled all the things we wanted, and could adapt to the changes the client wanted. Also the client said they liked this idea.

My team came up with this idea: to have someone (the service user character) pretending to be riding a motorbike and the Fosse character helping them with a fan to simulate wind, and they are both having fun and being silly. I think its quite a cute idea, so i though i would sketch out some ideas for it.

The advert would start with a mid shot of the woman on the bike, and wind in her hair, scarf blowing, smiling. Then a close up as she enjoys the experience – she laughs. Then the camera pulls back or cuts to a shot that reveals the other character helping her simulate the experience.

The fact that there is an idea that the character must simulate the experience because they cant isn’t ideal, but i think that actually people would see this as a sweet scene, and would be quite forgiving, as it’s only a cute little interaction.


The idea rests on the reveal. It’s supposed to be light-hearted and shows two characters just enjoying themselves and each others company – which is a good message for the advert considering the client.

I made some crude animatics for the idea



I added a bird just because i wanted to add another element to try and make it more interesting, and people would also think a bird is flying outside, so she really is riding a motorbike or whatever, so it enhances the twist that she is just goofing around. I’m not sure the bird works though, and probably would look a bit odd really, the focus should really be on the people, especially considering the client we are working for.

The Fosse Homecare frame will be the last frame, and will contain email, phone number, and company brand name and logo. Standard advert stuff. To be honest the client could choose to use this footage for other things, like training or promotions, etc..

I’m not really sure whether or not to explicitly point out the Fosse character or not. With some kind of uniform or something. I think in many ways it would be good for people to wonder which of the characters was helping which, as they should look a lot like companions and friends, rather than some strict or uptight working relationship.

After a lot of deliberating we decided to do this idea. All the feedback we received was positive for the idea, and after 3D setbacks this is the idea seems doable. The dialogue will sit happily over the to of any of these things really. I think this idea has the most potential.

A crude working storyboard:


More better storyboards:

fosse storyboard 1fosse storyboard 2fosse storyboard 3fosse storyboard 4fosse storyboard 5fosse storyboard 6fosse storyboard 7

This animation shows the basic idea, and things as they developed a little bit. I didn’t like the fact that it was so static, and the really messy hair (front shot) worked really well i think, so i wanted to go back and improve that with the other shots. I want to get the most out of the visuals, especially because there is just a totally plain white background. That’s why the hair is so important and little touches like the fan stopping, and small movements from the characters that keep it interesting and less static. Although its important to not overdo it…

I think the characters are successful in not looking like any age in particular, although they are free-spirited and young at heart.

The test footage is very short and i did use some shots more than once. I think it’s unlikely i will be able to get a full 1 minute out of this without unfortunately cheating a little. Approx 30 seconds of decent animation, and then 30 seconds of title card with number and company name. Then maybe the characters can pop up and wave at the end, but I think that is a more realistic outcome with the time we have left. I just need to find the audio we recorded and get it onto the finished shots.

As usual things haven’t gone totally to plan with this project, but I think we have something that’s coming along nicely now.

It still requires dialogue but this is pretty much all the scenes that have been animated.

The advert tells a tale of two people who are having fun in each others company. It’s harmless goofy fun, and is almost positive to the point of being too sweet, but i think it works for the client. The audience may feel that it’s not endearing enough, but really i think the target demographics would stomach this thing. I think the style choices are consistent with other examples of the same sort of thing. The simple style and non-offensive content ticks the boxes. The Fosse character doesn’t get enough screen time, if i had more time i would have worked him into the title frame waving or something. I think the titles worked well, the style was fine and the font readable, and a decent size. But i think the FOSSE HOMECARE could have been a bit more interesting. I’m really happy with the painted style, if i had more time i would want to develop the style a bit and get it more consistent. By keeping the amount of things on the screen the audience can more easily ascertain what is going on and exactly what is being advertised to them. The hair came out really well i think, it looks like she really is being buffeted by the wind, although it is very simple animation i tried to make the important things move. When it came to animating I could draw the non-moving layer and then simply animate the moving parts, which made the process a lot better for me. Planning what was going to be moving beforehand helped a lot, it would be absolutely vital for a more complicated animation.

The character designs evolved throughout the process, and i had to change things as I got feedback from the client – which was great, i enjoy working on the fly like that and having to come up with more designs and try out more styles to see what works and what could work for what i’m doing.


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