About Blog

My name is Matthew Pearson and I am in my third year studying Animation at Nottingham Trent University.

I have always loved animations, from cartoons, movies and video games, the bring alive our imaginations. An optical illusion phenomenon that can be beautiful, magical, and often fun! From Homer Simpson to Bugs Bunny, animation can be very funny! Bambi’s mom and Simbas dad, animation can make you sad! Dumbo, Wall-e and baby Groot, animations can be really cute! Salad fingers and Mad God. Animation is often actually kinda odd.

“We bring the inanimate to life, we create universes, we are magicians.”
-Nancy Beiman [director, character designer and animator]


“Animators bring things to life, creating something from nothing! We wield the power of gods!” [Maniacal laughter]



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