‘Off the desk’ – Elimination project final film


“Off the Desk”

Final film for the Elimination Project 2 – Stop-motion using Found Objects

For this project we were asked to create a stop-motion animation using found objects that was 30 seconds long and told a story using the three act structure of how two objects eliminate a third.


Seven out of nine pieces of blu-tack.


Nokia N8 Stop-Motion adverts – Aardman

Aardman (Wallace and Gromit) made some adverts for Nokia to advertise the N8 mobile phone. The scale of these stop-motion animations is epic, and both have a making of documentary which goes behind the scenes and sheds light on how they were able to do what they did to bring the animation to life.



Dot. The making of.


Gulp. The making of.

Elimination – Idea 2


We have decided as a group to go back to the drawing board and start again. We have a bunch of other ideas and we have decided that we could fulfil the brief better and produce a better film by going with a different idea.I have had loads of different ideas for this film and we have one we have discussed in particular that i think will work really well.

Here’s the basic idea:

Its a little difficult to read so ill transcribe a bit here anyway:

  • Human leaves room
  • View across the desk at all the things and the toys
  • The toys come alive!
  • Toys start chasing one toy in particular
  • Chase scenes – jumping over stuff, throwing stuff in the other toys way, losing toys along the way
  • The one toy gets cornered by the other toys
  • They throw that toy off the desk – and celebrate
  • Human re-enters the room and picks up the toy
  • replaces it on the desk (next to the other toys that just threw it off the desk!)
  • Close up on that toys face (worried expression)


One of the things i like about this idea is that we can use a load of toys and animate a few to make them all come alive, which will be visually good and fun to animate and watch. We are taking a lot of inspiration from the stop-motion film “A Town called Panic” especially for the movement. As this is a chase scene they can be falling over comically and getting up and moving in different ways.

The set is a persons desktop, and will have a lot of objects on it and therefore a lot of objects in the frame. Some of the stuff i am thinking of for the set are a computer, mugs with pencils and pens in, toys, calculator, paper, notebooks, books, a watch, magic eight ball, posters in the background, bits and bobs, a hat, pencil case, scissors, post-it notes, camera, trinkets…








Storyboard elimination


Elimination – Pitch [Presentation]

This is a link to the presentation we made to pitch our idea for the Elimination project.


Our idea is for three mountain climbers to get into some trouble on the mountain, one of them falls from the cliff. They are tied together with rope, like mountain climbers are known to do, and so they are trapped together half on half off the mountain in peril! They must decide what to do, pulling them back up is not an option, so cutting the rope is the only thing they can do to save themselves,s or at least two of them. One of them cuts the rope, but he cuts in the wrong place sending them to their doom.

In the presentation we talked about the idea, our plans for the set and sounds and other things that will take place or need consideration for the film. We had to try and keep it short, the presentation should haver only been three slides but we ended up doing much more than that and then couldn’t cut it down enough before we gave out presentation. Although it didn’t seem to matter much when it came to actually pitching the idea both times we did it.

This is the storyboard that Max drew for the presentation to visualise our idea better to the audience.


1_003_01_0118 1_003_01_0054 1_003_01_0031 1_003_01_0012


1- feedback =

“Use ambient sound, try merging your ideas, add sfx to the film, i like idea 2 more than 1, i like idea 1 more than 2…”


Justin Timberlake thanks i guess


2- what is your inciting event?

When the characters fall off the cliff side, creating the dangerous and tense (dramatic) situation.

3- The ten questions to ask your characters:

(genre/theme : humorous action thriller)


Character 1 – Leader Tom

1- What happens if you are not there?

No one to lead the expedition!

2- What is your role?

To lead the expedition

3- What archetype do you fulfil?

protagonist? strong leader type

4- How do you contribute to the themes?

I add to the drama because i am the confident leader and when my companions get into trouble i am the one who must save them.

5- In what way are you unique?

I am the confident leader.

6- Are you interesting?

He is super interesting, a bit serious and whatever but generally a cool explorer guy who searches the world for cool stuff and things. He has explored mostly everywhere, each location becoming more and more dangerous. He has lost many companions on his many adventures, but he tries not to let it get him down.

7- What is your story journey? (arc)

A cool explorer who has travelled all over the world leads another expedition, his companions get into trouble and he does everything to save their lives.

8- What (major) obstacle must you overcome?

He must try to overcome the dangerous and difficult situation that presents itself.

9- What is at stake for you? (theme and plot)

The chance to reach the sacred temple of poopoopaloo and discover more cool stuff and things, also the lives of his companions and his own dark and twisted memories and regrets.

10- What biographical details enhance your contribution to the story?


Character 2 – Companion Jerry

1- What happens if you are not there? 2- What is your role?

The leader has no companion, which would make him super lonely. so I am there to keep the leader company and assist him with his adventuring.

3- What archetype do you fulfil?


4- How do you contribute to the themes?

I get into serious life and death danger, creating a lot of the drama and thrills. I also cut the wrong part of the rope which is (hopefully) the funny part of the film.

5- In what way are you unique?

I am nervous and panicky, to the point of killing myself, so pretty dang unique.

6- Are you interesting?


7- What is your story journey? (arc)

I fall off the cliff with the cow and end up dangling over the side. I end up having to do the action which moves the story on.


Jimmy Fallon and Elmo Dancing


Dragonframe is stop-motion software. It was used for ParaNorman, The BoxTrolls and Disney’s Frankenweenie.

Notes for using dragonframe.

-Create new scene

-Capture- videos setting- scale to 1920×1080 – RGB 24.

Cinematography and focus the camera.

onion skin: opacity down and frames up

Motion trails: use pencil and draw an arc where he is going to move (select- red- thick) increment editor – choose frames per second – start slow and end faster to give illusion of speeding up. (two curve tools with extra points in the middle to create pacing and guidelines)

Press Enter to take the a picture/ frame.

If you need to delete a frame you can do it on the exposure sheet (to the left) and the frames will organise themselves.

Export image sequence – format PNG – change the name – and the exposure – four digits – choose location – export.